Restaurant Management Software(Indiana, PA)

Effiasofts's Restaurant management software takes care of your business, while you take care of your guests. You just need to generate the bill, rest of the work will be taken care by our software like efficient inventory management, KOT, real-time business reports, accounting process, tax calculations, return filing etc. It reduces manpower and increases the business efficiency. Our cloud-based advanced technology will help you to manage your restaurant chains and franchises from anywhere at any time. Highlights of Effiasoft's Restaurant Management Software: Digital Billing Efficient inventory and stock management KOT Table order billing Business reports and analytics Complete accounting process SMS/Email invoicing Offers and discounts Predefined business template Multi-Location management tax calculations and filing Digital wallets & multiple payment modes Expenses recording Effiasoft's Restaurant Management Software works both offline & online Fully functional Effiasoft's Restaurant Management Software for a single store/device is ABSOLUTELY FREE FOR 1 YEAR. Visit: Download Just Billing mobile app - Windows point of sale - Contact : Email: Call: +91 4040404030 Website: